Report of Activities 2012

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Chapters by Areas:

Superior Province
Thompson Nickel Belt – Superior Boundary Zone – Pikwitonei
Flin Flon – Snow Lake – Lynn Lake
Community Liaison

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Superior Province

GS-1 (11.3 MB)
Preliminary results of bedrock mapping at Oxford Lake, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 53L12, 13, 63I9, 16)
by S.D. Anderson, P.D. Kremer and T. Martins

GS-2 (5.7 MB)
Geological reconnaissance of the Horseshoe Lake greenstone belt, Superior Province, east-central Manitoba (part of NTS 53D4)
by P.D. Kremer, S.D. Anderson, L.A. Murphy and C.O. Böhm

GS-3 (8 MB)
Geological investigations of the Cat Creek area in the Neoarchean Bird River greenstone belt, southeastern Manitoba (part of NTS 52L12): new insights into PGE-Ni-Cu-Cr mineralization
by X.M. Yang, H.P. Gilbert and M.G. Houlé

GS-4 (5 MB)
Rare metals in southeastern Manitoba: pegmatites from Bernic Lake and Rush Lake (parts of NTS 52L6)
by T. Martins and P.D. Kremer

GS-5 (6 MB)
Structural study of the Ogama-Rockland gold deposit, southeastern margin of the Ross River pluton, Rice Lake greenstone belt, southeastern Manitoba (NTS 52L14)
by X. Zhou, S. Lin and S.D. Anderson
NOTE: This report was reprinted with revisions, 2012.

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Thompson Nickel Belt – Superior Boundary Zone – Pikwitonei

GS-6 (5.8 MB)
The Grass River Project: geological mapping at Phillips Lake, and new geochronological results from Paint Lake and Manasan Falls, Thompson Nickel Belt, central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O1, 8, 9, 63P5, 12)
by C.G. Couëslan

GS-7 (10.7 MB)
Preliminary results from geological mapping in the central Sipiwesk Lake area, Pikwitonei Granulite Domain, central Manitoba (part of NTS 63P4)
by C.G. Couëslan, C.O. Böhm and T. Martins

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Flin Flon – Snow Lake – Lynn Lake

GS-8 (10.6 MB)
Geological investigations in the Brunne Lake area of the Flin Flon Belt, west-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K11, 14)
by S. Gagné
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012005 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 706 KB)
NOTE: The PDF of GS-8 from Report of Activities 2012 has been reprinted with minor changes to the layout (December, 2012).

GS-9 (5 MB)
Lithostratigraphy and structural geology of the McLeod Road–Birch Lake thrust panel, Snow Lake, west-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K16, 63J13)
by K.E. Rubingh, B. Lafrance and H.L. Gibson

GS-10 (9 MB)
Rare metals scoping study of the Brezden Lake intrusive complex, western Manitoba (part of NTS 64C4)
by T. Martins, C.G. Couëslan and C.O. Böhm
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012006 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 958 KB)

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GS-11 (6.5 MB)
Oil shale and reservoir rocks of the Hudson Bay Lowland, northeastern Manitoba (part of NTS 54)
by M.P.B. Nicolas and D. Lavoie
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012002 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 756 KB)

GS-12 (672 KB)
Update on the Shallow Unconventional Shale Gas Project, southwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 62C, F, G, H, J, K, N, O, 63C)
by M.P.B. Nicolas and J.D. Bamburak
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012003 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 866 KB)

GS-13 (2.3 MB)
Chemostratigraphy, paleontology and mineral potential of the Gammon Ferruginous Member of the Cretaceous Pierre Shale in southwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 62F, G, H, J, K, N, O, 63C, F)
by J.D. Bamburak, J. Hatcher and M.P.B. Nicolas
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012003 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 866 KB)

GS-14 (7.6 MB)
Mineralogy, geochemistry and facies description of a potential Cretaceous shale gas play in western Manitoba (part of NTS 63K12)
by S. Hosseininejad, P.K. Pedersen, R.J. Spencer and M.P.B. Nicolas

GS-15 (3 MB)
Sedimentology of the Wymark Member (middle unit) of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation, southwestern Manitoba (NTS 62F14, 15, 16)
by L. Eggie, N. Chow and M.P.B. Nicolas

GS-16 (1 MB)
A new potential source rock identified within the Paleozoic carbonate succession of the northeastern part of the Williston Basin, west-central Manitoba (NTS 63F5)
by K. Mastalerz and M.D. Mastalerz

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GS-17 (20 MB)
Quaternary geology of the Knee Lake area, northeastern Manitoba (NTS 53L14, 15, 53M1, 2)
by M.S. Trommelen
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2012004 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file, 720 KB)

GS-18 (3 MB)
Quaternary geology of Manitoba: digital compilation of point and line data, with updating of the dataset using remotely sensed (SPOT) imagery
by M.S. Trommelen, G.R. Keller and B.K. Lenton

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Community Liaison

GS-19 (2.6 MB)
Community liaison: engaging land-use perspectives from First Nation youth and land-use managers in Manitoba
by L.A. Murphy


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