General Introduction

Child and Family Services Standards Manual



Need for this manual
The Director of Child and Family Services (director) is required by law to set standards for the delivery and administration of child, family and adoption services in Manitoba.

Under The Child and Family Services Authorities Act, the director shares responsibility for standards development with child and family services authorities.

The glossary of terms provides definitions for words or acronyms used throughout the manual.

Presentation of the manual
The Child and Family Services Manual has 2 volumes:

Each volume is divided into chapters that address general topics and sections that cover specific topics. For example, in Volume 1 is Agency Standards, Chapter 1 is Case Management and Section 1 is Intake. This is numbered 1.1.1. or Volume 1, Chapter 1, Section 1. It is common for people to refer to “Standard 1.1.1 Intake”, however “Section 1.1.1 Intake” is correct and is the language that will be used throughout the Agency Standards.

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