1.7.4 Critical Incident Reporting

Volume 1:

Agency Standards

Chapter 7:

Service Administration

Section 4:

Critical Incident Reporting



Serious injury is defined in the Critical Incident Reporting Regulation, in relation to a critical incident, as a physical injury that could result in permanent disability or death of a child. Wherever possible a medical professional should determine the nature and prognosis of the disability.

This section pertains to reporting the critical incident of a child who was in the care of or received services from a mandated child and family services agency, or whose parent or guardian received services from an agency, at any time within one (1) year before the critical incident occurred.

To clarify further - Under the Child and Family Services Act and Critical Incident Regulations, Critical Incident Reports are only required if the incident occurs before the age of 18. The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth Act however gives the Manitoba Advocate jurisdiction to review critical incidents or death of a child or youth up to the age of 21. If there is a death or critical incident of an

  • 18 year old who was a CIC or whose family was involved with CFS in the previous year or
  • 18 – 21 year old on an Agreement with Young Adult

an authority (agency) has a duty to report to MACY and reporting to the branch, while not required, is best practice.

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