1.1.8 Agreements with Young Adults (Extensions of Care)

Volume 1:

Agency Standards

Chapter 1:

Case Management

Section 8:

Agreements with Young Adults (Extensions of Care)



An agreement for services is offered to a youth who is under a permanent order at the time they turn 18 years of age and whose further planning (that was identified at the assessment process) meets the criteria below. These agreements may be renewed as provided by legislation.  An agreement may be signed between a young adult and an agency to support (as defined in The Child and Family Services Act):

  • education goals
  • transition to adult services
  • transition to independent living
  • training
  • treatment programming
  • other services that will provide an opportunity for the young adult to be safe, achieve success and well-being including culturally appropriate services that recognize and support their background

Young adults 18 years and older are not in care. In each situation, they have signed agreements with their agency detailing what the terms and conditions of the services needed are. If the young adult continues to live with a former foster family, the former caregivers need to agree to the agency’s plan/conditions and rates; no respite is paid for a young adult that is classified under Basic or Standard maintenance rates.

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