Limestone Generating Station

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The Limestone Generating Station is located 750 km north of the City of Winnipeg and 260 km south of the northern town of Churchill. Limestone is located on the lower Nelson River, 23 km downstream from the Long Spruce Generating Station, which is 18 km downstream from the Kettle Generating Station. The site can be accessed via air or rail to Gillam and from Gillam to Limestone by road, or by provincial road from Thompson.

The Limestone Generating Station is the largest in the province and is Manitoba Hydro's fifth generating station built on the Nelson River in northern Manitoba. Limestone was constructed between 1985 and 1992 making it the newest generating station in operation on the Nelson River. The station is operated as a run-of-the-river generating station.

The Limestone Generating Station consists of an intake structure, a 10-unit powerhouse with a capacity of 1,330 MW, earth main dams and dykes, and a 7-bay spillway.

The forebay at Limestone Generating Station has a total area of 27.1 sq. km (16.9 sq. miles) and a fetch length of approximately 12 km (7.5 miles).

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