Pine Falls Generating Station

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Pine Falls Generating Station

The Pine Falls Generating Station (GS) is located approximately 120 km (75 miles) northeast of the City of Winnipeg and approximately 13 km (8 miles) upstream of Lake Winnipeg on the Winnipeg River.

The Pine Falls Generating Station consists of a powerhouse, spillway and dyke and has a name plate capacity of 90 MW (120,600 hp). Pine Falls Generating Station is the last station on the Winnipeg River before Lake Winnipeg and was constructed between 1949 and 1952.

The station components include a six unit powerhouse, a six bay gated spillway, a non-overflow dam, a transition dam and an earth dyke protecting the switchyard. The station is located adjacent to Highway 11 and serves as the river crossing for PR 304.

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Members of the public may submit comments in writing about the final licensing decision by email or mailed written submissions at the addresses below. When submitting a comment, please clearly state your name, mailing address and company/organization you represent so that we may contact you if required. Comments will be considered by Conservation and Climate in making the final licensing decision.

Email: Pine Falls GS
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