Driver Abstract and Review of Driver Fitness

Manitoba maintains two types of driver abstracts: the standard abstract and the commercial driver abstract.

The commercial driver abstract contains additional information on violations of safety regulations such as hours of service or load securement. The commercial driver abstract costs the same, but provides more evaluation information on the fitness of the driver.

Initial Abstract and Review

Before allowing a driver to drive a regulated vehicle, the carrier is required to obtain a copy of the driver's abstract. The carrier must use the driver's abstract and other qualifying documents to determine if the driver is fit to drive the vehicle. The carrier is required to keep a record of the initial abstract.

Annual Abstract and Review

The carrier must review a current copy of the driver's abstract annually to decide if the driver is still fit to drive the vehicle. The review should include whether the driver disclosed any moving violations or accidents without delay. If not, the carrier should address the issue with the driver and document it. The carrier must keep a copy of the driver's abstract and a record of the annual review of driver fitness.