Driver Licence Disclosure

Before allowing a driver to drive a regulated vehicle, the carrier must obtain a copy of the drivers driving abstract that is no more than 30 days old from the date of hire. It is also recommended the carrier also get a written statement from the driver with the following information:

  • the jurisdiction the driver is licensed in
  • the class of licence
  • the status of the licence

The driver should inform the carrier when there is a change to it, such as a change in the class or the status of the licence.

There are forms available in the Guide to Transportation Safety for Motor Carriers and Operators of Regulated Vehicles to aid in collecting this information. The carrier is required to keep a record of the driver licence disclosure.

Driver Disclosure of Moving Violations and Accidents

Drivers must disclose any moving violation or accident they are involved in to the carrier immediately, and the carrier is required to keep a record of the disclosure. This includes accidents and moving violations that occur in both the driver's personal vehicle and the carrier's vehicle.