Insuring Regulated Vehicles

All motor carriers and operators of regulated vehicles must have basic insurance in order to operate and obtain or renew a Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC). Some types of vehicles require additional insurance up to $1 million or $2 million. Refer to the table below for a listing of vehicles that require $1 million or $2 million in insurance.

The name on the Certificate of Insurance (or vehicle registration) and the name on the SFC must be identical.

Vehicles Required to have
$1 million minimum insurance1
Vehicles Required to have
$2 million minimum insurance1
  • Public service vehicles over 4,500 kg (whether operating within or outside of Manitoba)
  • Regulated vehicles that operate outside of Manitoba, including commercial trucks,
    limited-use commercial trucks, or limited-use public service vehicles, or a passenger vehicle
    (other than a public service vehicle)
  • Regulated Vehicles used to haul dangerous goods that require an ERAP 2
  • Passenger Public Service Vehicles designed for carrying 11 persons
    or more, including the driver

1If you require $1 million or $2 million insurance, you are required to notify the Motor Carrier Division if your policy will not be renewed, will be cancelled or will no longer provide the minimum insurance required.

2ERAP is an Emergency Response Assistance Plan that is required by Transport Canada for those hauling certain types or quantities of dangerous goods.