Third Party Audits

A motor carrier/operator may be required to have additional monitoring as a result of a facility audit by the Motor Carrier Division (MCD). The monitoring program is called a “third party audit” and is conducted at the company’s expense by an outside consultant.

MCD maintains a list of approved consultants, and the company may select any consultant from the list. These consultants are highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable about transportation regulations and the requirements in Manitoba. A consultant not on the list must be approved by the MCD before any work can begin. To apply to have a consultant approved, please contact the Motor Carrier Division by email or by calling 204-945-3890.

Under third party audit, the consultant will review and rate company records in scheduled audit periods.

  • An audit period is two consecutive months (for example, June and July).

The company will remain in the scheduled third-party audit process for a minimum of one (1) audit period, for third party audits requiring only driver qualification record checks or two (2) audit periods (four consecutive months) for Vehicle maintenance records or driver hours of service.

  • If the company can achieve an 85 per cent or better compliance rate for the minimum consecutive number of audit periods, the third-party audit requirement may be withdrawn.
  • If the company cannot achieve the 85 per cent or better compliance rate within one year (six consecutive audit periods), the company may be scheduled for an Administrative Hearing. Motor Carrier Enforcement Programs may extend the duration of a third party audit at its discretion.

A third party audit may include all or some of the following activities:

  • Developing a safety plan acceptable to MCD.
  • Notifying all drivers and company personnel that, effective immediately, all staff will cease operating in accordance with the safety legislation.
  • Developing an effective driver qualification record keeping system.
  • Developing an effective vehicle fitness record keeping system.
  • Providing hours of service training.
  • Conducting audits and providing results to the company and the Motor Carrier Division on:
    • hours of service logs
    • driver records
    • maintenance records

MCD uses the information provided by the consultant to ensure the company is operating and maintaining compliance with the regulations.