Operator Improvements

Manitoba’s Safety Monitoring Framework uses progressive interventions to encourage carriers to improve the safety of their operations. Carriers demonstrating deficiencies in safe operations may be subject to operator improvement orders under s. 322.1(3) of the Highway Traffic Act, including the requirement to develop and submit a safety plan or an action plan focused on improving a specific area of deficiency. Learn more about operator improvement orders…

Carriers demonstrating unsafe operations may be subject to a variety of operator improvement orders including:

  • developing and submitting a safety/action plan
  • submitting to one or more audits by departmental auditors
  • retaining a third party auditor at the carrier’s expense
  • limitations on their fleet size
  • adjustment of their safety rating
  • suspension or revocation of their safety fitness certificate
  • a monetary penalty of not more than $25,000

Carriers are required to submit a safety plan when starting operations in Manitoba, and a safety plan or action plan(s) when they are in Early Intervention monitoring, or resulting from a facility audit during Managed Intervention. While carriers can have very extensive safety plans, the following simple example templates for safety and action plans are available to assist carriers in getting started: