Motor Carrier Investigations Unit is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of vehicles by motor carriers/operators in Manitoba, and for investigating carrier-related safety concerns.
Investigations may be initiated for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Serious collisions involving a Manitoba base plated, regulated vehicle
  • wheel-off incidents
  • traffic accidents involving fatalities
  • complaints or concerns received from the general public, policing agencies, jurisdictional enforcement partners and the transportation industry
  • unacceptable on road performance thresholds
  • unsafe vehicles
  • misuse of the Safety Fitness Certificate
  • drivers feeling pressured to operate in breach of various acts and regulations such as hours of service, the highway traffic act or cargo securement requirements

You may contact an investigator at 204-945-2319. All evidence or documentation you have to support your complaint should be available at the time you make contact with the investigator.  Motor Carrier Investigations will review the information, conduct an investigation and take appropriate action, as necessary.

Your complaint will remain confidential.