Services from Community and Cultural Providers

Victim Services is committed to helping victims to access local services from individuals and organizations that specialize in helping victims of trauma. The Compensation for Victims of Crime Program (CVCP) gives financial assistance to eligible victims and witnesses for costs incurred because of a criminal incident. Eligible victims and witnesses may seek treatment from cultural service providers in place of, or in addition to, counselling services covered by CVCP. These types of providers and services may include:

  • meetings with elders or traditional healers
  • attending rituals or ceremonies
  • the purchase of spiritual aids or appropriate gifts and food for ceremonies

Note: CVCP does not make referrals to elders, ceremonies or healing providers.

For more information about the services that CVCP may cover, contact your victim services worker. You can also phone 204-945-0899 (in Winnipeg), or 1-800-262-9344 (toll free) to speak with compensation program staff.

How do I apply for compensation?

To apply for compensation, which can include money, services or other support, you must fill out the correct application form. Separate application forms are available for:

  • victims
  • immediate family members
  • witnesses

You can get the forms you need from the Compensation for Victims of Crime office in Winnipeg, or the Victim Services office in your area. You can also download and print the forms below:

Application Form for Victims

Application Form for Witnesses

Application Form for Family Members