What is restitution?

Restitution is money ordered by the court to reimburse a victim for the actual loss or damage resulting from a crime It is one way the offender can make up for the harm caused to the victim

Restitution may cover:

  • Damage or lost property due to the crime
  • Financial loss due to fraud
  • Financial loss or expenses due to physical injury and/or psychological harm due to the crime
  • Costs that victims of identity theft had to pay to re-establish their identity, and to correct their credit history and their credit rating
    Note: The amounts claimed must be easy to calculate and based on records of actual financial loss. The amount can only include losses up to the date that the offender is sentenced (future losses cannot be included).

How is restitution requested?

  • Complete the Statement on Restitution and forward to the Prosecutions office in your area
  • Clearly set out the amount of your loss/damages and ensure supporting documentation is attached
  • If you need help completing the form or information about the process, contact the Prosecutions office in your area or call Manitoba Justice Victim Services toll free at 1-866-4VICTIM (1-866-484-2846)

Restitution Overview
Restitution Personal Information
Statement on Restitution : PDF | Word

What happens next?

  • The court will use the Statement on Restitution to consider the amount of restitution to be ordered if an offender is convicted
  • Courts may consider ordering restitution for all offences
  • In deciding whether to order restitution, the court may request additional information
  • Courts can include information about payment schedules in their judgment
  • If restitution is ordered, you will receive a letter of notification
  • If restitution is not paid, you may enter the restitution order as a civil court order judgment that is enforceable against the offender

Tips to help you get the restitution you are entitled to:

When Restitution Is Not Paid (PDF brochure)


Garnishment Order
Affidavit in Support of Payment Out of Court – Notice of Garnishment
Requisition for Cheque
Writs of Seizure and Sale

Registrations Against Land

Certificate of Judgment
4E Requisition (civil division)

More information

Court of King’s Bench Rules
The Garnishment Act
The Executions Act
Local Court Centres

Sheriff’s Office locations

To locate the nearest Sheriff Office, contact the Winnipeg Civil Enforcement Unit at 204-945-2107 located on the 2nd floor, 408 York. Office hours are 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday. Closed on Weekends and Civic Holidays.

For more information about the Restitution Program, call 204-945-3919 in Winnipeg and if you live outside of Winnipeg, contact your local court centre.