Supports for Victims

The Compensation for Victims of Crime Program gives compensation (money, services, support) to victims or witnesses who have been injured (physically or emotionally) because of certain crimes that occurred in Manitoba. It also gives compensation to the families and dependants of victims who died in a crime.

You can apply for compensation as a victim, if you are injured as a direct result of a crime.

Benefits available to eligible crime victims

Benefits: For: Examples/Amounts
Counselling services Victims who need help dealing with the emotional harm caused by the crime Expenses for counselling with a counsellor approved by the program (including culturally sensitive alternative therapy) Maximum compensation available: $4,000
Medical services Victims who need medical care for injuries caused by the crime The cost for physical, massage or occupational therapy, cosmetic surgery, chiropractic services, ambulance
Medical equipment and supplies Victims who need disability aids because of injuries caused by the crime Cost of walkers, wheelchairs, vision or hearing aids, prosthetics, special equipment or supplies
Prescription drugs Victims who need prescription drugs to recover from or deal with the effects of the crime Cost of drugs prescribed by a health care professional
Dental services Victims who need dental treatment because of injuries caused by the crime Cost for diagnosis, dental treatment, bridges, crowns, dentures
Loss of wages or Income Employed or self-employed victims who cannot go back to work because of injuries caused by the crime Payment every two weeks to help support the victim Maximum compensation available: 55 per cent of the victim’s gross income (up to $638 per week)
Rehabilitation Employed or self-employed victims who need help to be able to go back to work Expenses for physical, speech or occupational therapy (approved by the program)
Retraining Employed or self-employed victims who cannot go back to work and need training to find a similar kind of job Expenses for education and training courses or programs to improve skills
Compensation for certain belongings that got damaged during the crime Victims whose clothing, eye glasses, disability aids, etc. were damaged during the crime Cost to repair or replace prescription glasses, clothes, canes, walkers, hearing aids, etc.
Travel and Accommodation Victims who need to leave their community to get medical, counselling or other services because of the injuries caused by the crime Expenses for cab, bus, plane, vehicle mileage, meals, hotel/motel
Attendants Victims who need someone to help them (attendant) if there’s nobody in the household who can help and if they do not qualify for the Manitoba Home Care Program Expenses for personal care (ex: dressing, bathing) and household jobs (ex: cooking, cleaning, child care)
Changes to home or vehicle Victims who need changes to their homes or their vehicles because of a disability caused by the crime Cost to install ramps, widen doors, customize showers, etc.
Child support for a child born as a result of crime Victims who give birth to a child as a result of a crime and need financial support for that child Monthly child support payments Maximum compensation available: $270 per month
Crime scene cleaning Victims who need special cleaning services for their home or vehicle because of the crime Cost for professional cleaning and disinfecting of contaminated areas
Permanent Impairment Award Victims who suffer a permanent physical or psychological injury because of the crime Payment of a one-time lump sum benefit based on the type of disability