Supports for Witnesses

The Compensation for Victims of Crime Program gives compensation (money, services, support) to victims or witnesses who have been injured (physically or emotionally) because of certain crimes that occurred in Manitoba. It also gives compensation to the families and dependants of victims who died in a crime.

You can apply for compensation as a witness if you personally saw and were affected by the crime.

Benefits available to eligible witnesses

Benefits: For: Examples/Amounts
Counselling services Witnesses who need help dealing with the emotional harm caused by being a witness to the crime Expenses for counselling with a counsellor approved by the program (including culturally sensitive alternative therapy) Maximum compensation available: $4,000
Travel and Accommodation Witnesses who need to leave their community to get counselling because of the crime Expenses for cab, bus, plane, vehicle mileage, meals, hotel/motel
Repair or replace clothing Witnesses who had the clothing that they were wearing damaged during the crime Cost to clean, repair or replace clothing
Crime scene cleaning Witnesses who need special cleaning services for their home or vehicle because of the crime Cost for professional cleaning and disinfecting contaminated areas