Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park

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Whether on your own, or guided by a seasoned outfitter, a lifetime adventure awaits in the vast, undisturbed wilderness of Atikaki. Let a short flight or canoe take you to this mystical park - a wildlife haven in one of the most magnificent examples of shield country anywhere. Atikaki provides a wild and undeveloped taste of Manitoba's great outdoors, visitors should be familiar with wilderness travel.

Canoeing the waterways, you'll meet face to face with times long past. Set-up camp to discover traces of those who stopped there centuries ago or wonder at the ancient rock paintings along the way, their meanings unsolved to this day. Watch as a majestic woodland caribou moves like a phantom in the mist.

Where to Stay

As there are no designated campgrounds, visitors are expected to camp at an existing site, which is usually marked by a primitive fire ring. For those seeking more comfort, full-service lodges and outcamps are available.

Park Directions

There is no direct road access into the park. The most popular water route begins at Wallace Lake, south of the park. Wallace Lake is 250 km/ 155.3 mi. from Winnipeg via PTH 59, north to PR 304. To fly into Atikaki, arrangements can be made with lodges, outfitters, or air charter companies.


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