Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park

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Whitemouth Falls is the site of the confluence of the Whitemouth and the Winnipeg Rivers, providing a scenic view of the two rivers and of the Seven Sisters Falls hydro-electric dam.  Whitemouth Falls is a great place to spend the day picnicking, fishing and observing wildlife, such as the American White Pelican which frequent the falls.  This site is also a known and provincially significant staging and migration area for the Great Gray Owl. 
There are three known archaeological sites of significance adjacent to Whitemouth Falls.  Research into these sites indicates that they were used as campsites and were frequented as much as 4,800 years ago. 

Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park was recently expanded under the Manitoba Protected Areas Initiative.  For more information on the park and its designation, click here: Whitemouth Falls – Protected Areas Initiative

Park Directions

Whitemouth Falls is located 90 kms north-east of Winnipeg, just north of the community of Seven Sisters Falls off Provincial Road #307.


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