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"Entrance to the wilderness," — that's exactly what Nopiming means in the Anishinabe language. You won't be disappointed at your arrival to the park, as this phrase aptly describes what you can expect. The entrance road leads to miles of shield country, which is scattered with hundreds of crystal clear lakes that are rimmed by granite rock and sheltered by stands of black spruce, birch and poplar. Take to the waterways which have carried canoes since the time of the voyageurs and the Aboriginal peoples. Follow their adventurous spirit, whether you're looking for a real challenge, or an easy run of the river. Discover the secrets of the park's past. Amidst the bush, find traces of prospectors' dreams. Abandoned shafts, remains of equipment, names like Lucky Strike, Paystreak, and Hidden Treasure hint at the glory days of the 1930s Manitoba gold rush. At an old abandoned trapper's cabin, you'll find yourself knocking on the door, not wanting to intrude...too much. Now the only residents of the area are moose, bear, woodland caribou and bald eagles. Discover why anglers have made this park a tradition — they were first lured by the northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, and then drawn back time and time again by the wilds of Nopiming.

Where to Stay

Choose to camp in any of the park's four campgrounds, or stay in one of three well-known lodges in the park.

Park Directions From Winnipeg, follow PTH 59 north to PTH 44, east to PTH 11, north to PR 313, east to PR 315 leading to Bird Lake at the south end of the park. PR 314, just inside the park, takes you north through the park. Distance: 227 km/141 mi.

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