Poplar Bay Provincial Park

Eastern Parks

People have been enjoying recreational activities in the area around the lake known as Lac du Bonnet for many decades.  The land surrounding the bay was designated as Poplar Bay Provincial Park in 1961.

Poplar Bay Provincial Park is just under 14 hectares in size. It is situated at the southeastern end of Lac du Bonnet on either side of a narrow inlet. The park is approximately 30 kilometres east of the town of Lac du Bonnet and 110 kilometres northeast of the city of Winnipeg. Research suggests that Poplar Bay was formed as a result of a meteorite that hit the earth millions, if not billions, of years ago.

Cottage lots and camping areas are located along much of the park’s shoreline. The campground, boat launch and day-use areas in the park are under lease to a private commercial operator. Facilities include a full service seasonal campground with a limited number of nightly campsites, a store, playgrounds, a beach and a boat launch. The boat launch provides access to Lac du Bonnet and the nearby Lee and Bird Rivers. Common catches by anglers include walleye, bass, northern pike and yellow perch.