Auditing promotes safe motor-carrier operations by making sure companies, drivers and vehicles comply with the legislated requirements. The audit process is used to assess compliance in the areas of driver qualifications, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and transportation of dangerous goods.

Audit results become part of the carrier profile, and play a major role in determining a carrier's safety rating. Carriers should understand the importance of achieving and maintaining an acceptable safety rating.

The number of driver and vehicle records included in the audit is determined using a sampling formula based on the total number of drivers and vehicles under the carrier's control.

Facility Audits

A facility audit may be initiated based on information in the carrier's profile, or on substantiated complaints, or concerns received from the general public, policing agencies and the transportation industry. Some audits are conducted randomly, or at the carrier's request.

You may view the Facility Audit and Scoring Guidelines Manual (PDF) for further information on the process.

Requesting an Audit

Businesses who want to work toward a satisfactory rating can request an audit by contacting the Motor Carrier Investigations Branch at 204-945-2319.