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  • The Social Services Appeal Board
    How to file an appeal if you disagree with a decision concerning your application for the Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities Program, adults living with an intellectual disability, residential care licensing, and other programs.
  • Community Living Options for MDC Residents
    The Manitoba government and Community Living Manitoba (CLM) developed this guide to help Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) residents, their families and substitute decision makers learn about community living options.

Employment and Income Assistance

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Guides and Manuals

  • Journey of Support Manual
    A Direct Service Worker Action Guide to provide orientation, information and resources to assist the Direct Service Worker or Disability Support Worker in supporting individuals with a disability and his or her family.
  • Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities Program Operating Manual
    Provides guidance to staff of the Department and designated agencies in how to administer the program to support individuals applying for assistance or services from the Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities Services System.
  • The Roles, Responsibilities and Functions of a Board - A Board Development Guide
    Prepared by the Department for the boards and staff of provincially funded social service agencies; the guide is not intended to be a detailed procedures manual, but to provide awareness of the basic responsibilities and functions expected of a governing board and its members.

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