Alternative Solutions

Conformance with the Manitoba Building, Plumbing and Energy Codes (the Codes) is mandatory. As these are objective based codes, there are two permitted options for conformance. The first being the prescriptive approach as laid out in Division B of the Codes. The second option is to propose an alternate solution as per Section 2.3 of Division C of the Codes. All proposals for an alternate solution must be made by a registered professional, skilled and experienced in the matter.

  • A proposed alternate solution is proprietary to that registered professional;
  • An alternate solution is specific to a project and cannot be transferred to other designs or projects;
  • Each alternate solution must be demonstrated as meeting the level of performance required by the objective, intent and function statements as noted in the Code;
  • Acceptance of an alternate solution must be based on satisfactory documentation submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction to justify the proposal and not to an existing condition or approval from other projects.

Useful Reference Documents available on the Bulletins, Guides& Forms page

  • ITS BC Guide 01 – Sample Alternative Solutions Paper
  • ITS BC Form 08 – Request for Evaluation of Alternative Solution
  • ITS 20-012 – Alternative Solutions MBC