Legislation and Regulations

ITS administers and enforces provisions of the following legislation and related regulations:

  • Amusements Act
  • Elevator Act
  • The Buildings Act
  • Electricians’ Licence Act
  • Gas and Oil Burner Act
  • Power Engineers Act
  • Steam and Pressure Plants Act

Legislation - Acts and Regulations

The Buildings Act

The Buildings Act applies to the construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation, demolition, relocation, removal, occupancy or change in occupancy of any building or addition to a building. The Act requires municipalities in Manitoba to adopt and enforce the codes and standards established, adopted or enforced under the Act. In practice, this responsibility is shared by municipalities and Inspection and Technical Services.

  • Manitoba Building Code
  • Manitoba Plumbing Code
  • Classes of Buildings Designation Regulation
  • Building Fees Regulation

Amusement Rides Legislation

Electrical Legislation

Elevator and Lift Devices Legislation

Gas and Oil Legislation

Power Engineering Legislation

Steam and Pressure Plant Legislation