Field Approvals and Special Acceptance

Field Approval Program

Field Approval Program is a program designed for field evaluations based on Canadian code requirements for the safety and suitability of one-of-a-kind and limited run commercial and industrial fuel-burning appliances.

The Field Approval is valid only for the original intended purpose and location. Any change to the application/equipment as specified on the original application including change of address, BTU input change, a fuel switch, etc. would void the approval of the appliance/equipment and would require the submittal of a new application for the altered appliance/equipment.

The approval under this program does not include approval of the electrical features of appliances, equipment or components. It is the responsibility of the owner/vendor to ensure the electrical components meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code. ITS has a separate program for the Field Approval of electrical components. Refer to the ITS Electrical Webpage page for more information.

There are two ways that natural, propane or manufactured gas fueled appliances may be field approved:

  • Field Approval by a 3rd party agency approved to perform CSA B149.3 Field inspection
  • Field Approval by ITS in accordance with CSA B149.3.

In both cases, upon a successful completion of the field approval process the fueled appliance or equipment shall be marked on or in the immediate vicinity of the appliance rating plate. The labels specification can be different from one agency to another but all need to specify the compliance to CSA B149.3. In case of ITS, the field approval marking will have a blue colored sticker.

The field approval application fee is $1,053, and is payable at the time of application. This fee is non-refundable as it covers the assessment of the application – regardless of the application being approved or denied. Please note that the client may be required to pay additional fees upon completion of the necessary inspections to cover any required re-inspections and/or inspections of identical items.

Related Documents available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page:

  • ITS GO Form 05 – Field Approval of Uncertified Fuel Burning Equipment
  • ITS 21-027 – Gas and Oil Equipment Field Approval Program
  • ITS 21-032 – Recognized Certification and Inspection Bodies for Gas Fired Appliances

Special Acceptance Program

The Special Acceptance Program is separate from the Field Approval Program. Special acceptance is acceptance based on an evaluation of limited on-site requirements by ITS. The special acceptance does not constitute gas appliance and/or equipment certification or field approval. The evaluation is based on specific applicable codes with the understanding that the appliance/equipment in question holds a previous approval either through certification or through Inspection Bodies.

ITS will mark appliances and equipment with special acceptance labels, which are green stickers indicating it is a one time, specific acceptance.

There is no fee associated with this program.

For additional information regarding Special Acceptance Program, please email or call 204-945-3373.