The Electrician's Licence Act provides the legislative basis for protecting Manitobans against the potentially lethal hazards of a power source that is as nearby as a light switch.

Ultimately, the Act and its regulations are in place to protect Manitobans from the dangers of electrocution or electrical shock, and safeguard against the potential of fire resulting from faulty wiring. The legislation dictates standards for both trades people and equipment, and places regulatory authority with Inspection and Technical Services (ITS).

Inspection and Technical Services works in conjunction with Apprenticeship Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro to licence the Journey electrical trades. ITS issues different electrician licences based on The Electricians’ Licence Act and The Electricians Licensing Regulation. This includes journeyperson licences and limited specialized trade licences. For a list of the different electrical licences in Manitoba and each licences respective scope of work please review the ITS 21-036 – Electrical Licences Bulletin on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

By administering qualification criteria and examinations for all specialized electrical and limited electrical licences, this section also helps ensure that workers who are not Journey electricians but who encounter electricity daily within their own trades have adequate knowledge and experience to deal safely with the hazards.

ITS electrical inspectors are in the field to ensure that all individuals working with electricity are properly licenced, and that licenced electricians work according to acceptable standards.

Electrical equipment installed, used or sold in Manitoba must be approved by a certification or inspection body recognized by the Standards Council of Canada.

Unapproved electrical equipment shall be field evaluated by 3rd party Inspection Body that is approved by the Standards Council of Canada (SSC). The ITS 21-037 - Recognized Certification Inspection Bodies for Electrical Equipment document available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page lists Certification and Inspection bodies approved by the SCC to field evaluate and certify electrical equipment, the document includes examples of their approved marks and labels that are accepted in Manitoba.

ITS electrical inspectors may perform Special Acceptance inspections on unapproved electrical equipment in certain cases, however, this is on a limited basis. It is recommended you obtain the services of a 3rd party Inspection Body from the bulletin as described above. Special Acceptance is only granted when the equipment is deemed to meet a level of safety that is acceptable for use in Manitoba.

To request a Special Acceptance inspection please fill out the application form - ITS ED Form 06 – Special Acceptance of Unapproved Electrical Equipment available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page and submit it to ITSInspections@gov.mb.ca for review. An inspector will contact you once the application has been reviewed.

ITS is also the Authority Having Jurisdiction for off grid electrical installations outside of the City of Winnipeg. This includes installations such as buildings, grain dryers and other equipment that is fed solely from solar power or a generator and is not tied into MB Hydro’s electrical grid. To request an inspection for an off grid installation please email ITSInspections@gov.mb.ca.

Related Documents available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page:

  • ITS 21-036 – Electrical Licences
  • ITS 21-037 – Recognized Certification Inspection Bodies for Electrical Equipment
  • ITS ED Form 06 – Special Acceptance of Unapproved Electrical Equipment
  • ITS GO Form 04 – Field Approval and Inspection Mobile Food Truck Application

For more information regarding Electrician Licencing and Limited Specialized Trade Examinations please visit the Trades and Examination Page

To contact your Provincial Electric Inspector please call (204) 945-3373.

Questions? Email ITSInspections@gov.mb.ca