Design Registration for Pressure Equipment


The main objective/purpose of the review of design by Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) is to ascertain, within reasonable bounds, that designs or procedures submitted for registration comply with the Act, regulations and applicable codes and standards. Acceptable designs and procedures will be registered in accordance with the regulations. 

Owners, users, agents, manufacturers, contractors and installers of pressure equipment (boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pressure piping, refrigeration plants, fittings etc.are responsible for registering equipment designs prior to manufacturing, fabrication, installation or importing from another jurisdiction or country. 

Prior to the pressure equipment being registered, its design is subject to review by ITS to ensure compliance with Manitoba’s Act and Regulations along with the specified codes and standards. 

Design Registration process involves: 

  • Assessment of new, reciprocal and revised designs of boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, fittings and other pressure equipment for compliance with the Act, and registration of those found acceptable 
  • Assessment of repairs and alterations to boilers, pressure vessels and piping, and registration of those found acceptable 
  • Assessment of new joining procedures and registration of those found acceptable. 
  • Assessment of various other procedures, e.g. repair or testing procedures, and registration of those found acceptable  

The owner of the design has responsibility for its correctness; the registration of a design does not relieve any person who designs, constructs, installs, alters, or repairs pressure equipment of liability with respect to that design. 

Accepted design registrations will be denoted by the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) assigned to the design. Any number of identical units may be made to one registered design, unless the code or regulations change to invalidate the registered design or the registration limits the number of units that may be built to the design. 


Submitting a Design 

Inspection and Technical Services only accepts submissions for review and registration electronically, rather than requiring hard copies sent to our office. 

Designs may be submitted to 

Please refer to bulletin ITS 20-003 – Electronic Submissions Guide for more information on required documentation and submission requirements available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

Please note that if any of the guidelines set out are not followed, the submission will not be accepted and will need to be re-sent in its entirety.