Trades Examinations, Certification and Licensing

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) is responsible for the examination, certification and licensing for individuals performing regulated work such as installation, maintenance, alteration, etc. for various equipment, devices or systems.

ITS issues the following licences and certificates:

  • Power Engineer Certificates and Licences
  • Journeyperson Electrician
  • Limited Specialized Trade Electrician’s Licences
  • Gas and Oil Installer
  • Pressure Welding Licences

See the Trades Examinations, Certifications, and Licensing – Eligibility, Required Documentation and Appeals Bulletin ITS 21-038 before submitting an examination application Bulletins, Guides & Forms.

Licence Renewal

Licence renewal notices are sent by mail via Canada Post. If your licence is expired or if you did not receive the renewal notice, download a copy of the Licence Renewal Notice. The bottom portion of the form MUST be completed and submitted when paying by credit card, cheque or money order and sent by mail. The Online Payment Form is available at To update your address, email

Licence Renewal Notice

Examination Syllabus

Examination Syllabus are available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

Examination Schedule

See the Examination Schedule for available dates and location of upcoming examination sittings.

ITS Exam Schedule 2024

Apply for an Exam/Testing

Complete the examination application form related to your industry and provide the verification of experience/education information as required available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

  • Power Engineer Examination Application Form
  • Gas Fitter and Oil Burner Examination Form
  • Limited Specialized Trade Electrician's Examination Application Form
  • Pressure Welding Testing and Licensing Bulletin

Apply for a Licence

You may apply for a licence or certificate when you:

  • have received a passing mark on an exam administered by ITS
  • have successfully completed pressure welding performance qualification testing at a recognized test facility
  • have successfully completed a program recognized by ITS
  • are seeking recognition from another jurisdiction
  • are requesting to reinstate a previously held licence or certificate

Complete the licence/certificate application form related to your industry and submit to ITS available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

  • Power Engineer Licence Application 
  • Gas and Oil Licence Application
  • Electrical Licence Application
  • Welders Licence Application

Examinations and Licences

Accepted payment methods include: credit card, cheque and money orders.

  • Credit Card Payment sent by mail.
  • Cheque or Money Order payable to the Minister of Finance sent by mail to:
Inspection and Technical Services
508-401 York Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0P8