Mobile Food Trucks

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS), the City of Winnipeg (COW) and MB Health conduct inspections of mobile food trucks to ensure the safe operation of these units.

Technical Safety:

ITS is mandated to ensure that the gas and electrical equipment installed, altered or replaced in mobile food trucks are in compliance with The Gas and Oil Burner Regulation and/or The Electricians Licensing Regulation, and the codes adopted by these Regulations.

Food Safety:

MB Health plays an important role in ensuring the safety of all food that is sold and distributed through mobile food units. MB Health inspects mobile food units on a routine and a complaint basis to ensure compliance with The Food and Food Handling Establishments Regulation.

Inspections determine if minimum standards and practices are being followed with respect to general food handling, storage temperatures, sanitation, employee hygiene and equipment or food contact surface disinfection procedures for the specific type of processes and foods involved.

Fire Safety:

The COW conducts annual fire safety inspections of mobile food trucks to provide an increased level of safety to the public by ensuring compliance with The Winnipeg Fire Prevention By-Law.

Installation of Gas Burning Equipment on Mobile Food Trucks

Installation approval is required to ensure that gas-burning equipment found in mobile food trucks is installed, altered or replaced in accordance with the regulatory requirements and is safe for use.

ITS provides approval to install gas burning equipment by issuing a gas permit to licensed gas fitters. An inspection of final installation is conducted once completed by the gas fitter.

The licensed gas fitter will also be required to submit a Gas Piping Pressure Test Report for Mobile Food Trucks at the time of inspection by ITS.

Upon passing the installation inspection, the appliance/equipment will be marked with a green ITS sticker identifying the equipment is inspected and approved at the time of inspection.

Note: Only licensed gas fitters are allowed to do any regulated work to gas burning equipment.

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