Building Permits and Inspections

Permit Application Forms

Please obtain your permit application from your local building department. If Inspection and Technical Service (ITS) is the Authority Having Jurisdiction and you require a permit application from ITS, applicable forms are available on the ITS Bulletins, Guides and Forms page.

  • ITS BC Form 14 – Occupancy Permit Application
  • ITS BC Form 25 – Building Permit Application
  • ITS BC Form 26 – Plumbing Permit Application

You may also find ITS BC Guide 05 – Building Permit Guide useful, which outlines the information required when applying for a Building Permit.

Design and Construction Guides

Useful guides include:

  • ITS BC Guide 04 – Part 9, New Dwellings and Additions
  • ITS BC Guide 06 – Part 9, Attached or Detached Decks
  • ITS BC Guide 07 – Part 9, Detached Accessory Buildings 10-55 sq.m
  • ITS BC Guide 08 – Part 9, Detached Accessory Buildings 55-85 sq.m

In Manitoba, Building, Plumbing and Occupancy Permits are issued by one of 3 Authorities Having Jurisdiction in Manitoba:

  • Municipality
  • Planning District
  • Inspection and Technical Services (ITS)

The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is determined by the geographic location of the building in Manitoba, and whether the building must comply with Part 2 and Part 9, or Part 3 of the Manitoba Building Code.

Building and/or Plumbing Permits are required for new construction of all buildings under the Manitoba Building Code Regulation M.R. 78/2023, with the exception of small farm buildings, those under 600 square meters and three stories in height.

Building and/or Plumbing Permits are also required for building additions, alterations and renovations. Most municipal building by-laws do not normally require a Building Permit for renovations that do not exceed $5,000.00 construction value provided there is "no structural or life safety changes" to the building. To ensure the requirements for a Building Permit contact your local building department, also known as the AHJ.

Occupancy Permits are required prior to occupancy of any newly constructed, renovated or repaired building where a building permit has been issued. Occupancy permits are not required for the construction, renovation or repair of a one-or two-family dwelling unit.

To determine who the AHJ is for your building project, click here.

If the Authority Having Jurisdiction for your project is Inspection and Technical Services (ITS), please note that the “Municipal Authorization” section of your Building Permit Application must be completed prior to ITS processing your permit. This will greatly reduce delays in processing permits.

Letter of Assurance and Certification

The Letter of Assurance and Certification forms are used by Professional Engineers (P.Eng) and Registered Architects, to certify their building design meets the Manitoba Building, Plumbing, Fire and Electrical Codes, and that the work and all related inspections are complete. By signing and sealing these forms, the professional designers attest to the fact that they have completed inspections of the work as they deem necessary and proves their competency in the appropriate professional and technical disciplines to do the work. Please refer to the ITS Bulletins, Guides and Forms.

  • ITS BC Form 01 – Letter of Assurance of Professional Design
  • ITS BC Form 18 – Letter of Certification
  • ITS BC Form 19 – Letter of Certification for Part 9 Residential

Permit Fees

  • Building Permit: Varies by building type, size and value
  • Plumbing Permit: Varies by building type (min. $60.00)
  • Occupancy Permit: $50.00
  • Refer to ITS BC Form 17 – Fee Calculator

For Building Permit fees, value means the value of all construction work, including the value of all renovation and repair work, as stipulated in the contract price for the total project. If for any reason a permit is not obtained before the commencement of the work for which a permit is required, the fee for a permit is twice the amount prescribed in the Building Fees Regulation.

For a complete list of fees, refer to Bulletin ITS 20-013 – Fee Updates for Building Inspections and Part 9 Municipal Contracts and the Building Fees Regulation 211/2002.

Director Review

Disagree with a requirement or decision of Inspection and Technical Services regarding your building project or permit? All decisions on building code matters and permits may be reviewed or reconsidered by the Director of Inspection Services to ensure compliance with the applicable codes.
To request a Director review, please obtain an ITS BC Form 31 - Director Review Application by contacting