Welding and Brazing License 

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) is responsible to ensure safety by regulating the welding and brazing of boilers, pressure vessels, fittings, refrigeration and pressure piping systems in the province of Manitoba. 

pressure welder” – means a person who acts as a welder, welding operator, brazer or brazing operator in respect of a boiler, pressure vessel or piping used in connection with a boiler or pressure vessel. 

Pressure welders are required to demonstrate specific skills and knowledge before they are allowed to weld on pressure equipment. An individual’s welder licence authorizes the holder to weld on pressure equipment, subject to the limitations prescribed in the Regulation and as described on the licences itself 

No organization or contractor shall allow any welding or brazing on pressure equipment by personnel not licensed by ITS. 

Candidates wanting to obtain a welders licence must first complete a performance qualification test at an authorized testing facility.  

Upon successful completion of the performance qualification testing, the candidate will need to submit the signed Welder Performance Qualification Report (WPQR) and application along with payment to Inspection and Technical Services. 

The candidate may send the required documents: 

Once the application and license fee are received, issuance of the license may take up to 7 days and will be valid for a period not to exceed 2 years. 

Please refer to bulletin ITS 20-008 Pressure Welder Testing and Licencing Process for more information and a list of authorized testing locations available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

 Pressure Welders have a number of responsibilities under the Regulations. Some of these responsibilities are: 

  • Perform welding within the limitations of your welders licence. 
  • Perform welding in accordance with a welding procedure registered for use in Manitoba. 
  • Perform welding under a valid quality control program for construction, alteration or repair of pressure equipment. 
  • Ensure that your welders licence is available when performing welding on pressure equipment. 
  • Renew your welders licences before the expiry date. 


Out of Province Weld Licences 

A valid pressure welder’s licence issued from other jurisdictions in Canada can be transferred to Manitoba if the WPQ meets ASME IX requirements. 

You will be issued a Manitoba Out of Province Weld licence, which will have the same variables and expiry dates as your original weld licence. 

When applying for a licence transfer please ensure you include a clear copy of both sides of the weld licence issued by the original Jurisdiction. 

Please complete the  ITS CS Form 11 - Application for Welders Licence form available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.