Quality Control Program

A Quality Control (QC) program is a system of procedures, work instructions and policies that define how a company or individual accomplishes the construction, installation, alteration and repair of boiler, pressure vessel, pressure relief devices and refrigeration systems in accordance with the Regulations set out by the Government of Manitoba

Any organization or individual who intends to construct, install, alter or repair pressure equipment, or who wishes to conduct pressure welding performance tests must:

  • Develop and implement a written QC manual that is appropriate for the scope of the work to be carried out and meets the requirements of applicable codes and standards;
  • Register the QC Manual with ITS.
  • Complete an implementation audit.
  • Carry out the construction, installation, alteration, repair or pressure welding performance test in accordance with he registered QC Manual
  • Have a registerd weld and/or braze procedures (as required).
  • Ensure all welders and brazers have a valid and current Manitoba Welder Licence

Upon successful registration of the QC manual and completion of the implementation audit, a Certificate of Authorization, detailing the authorized scope of work will be issued. This certificate is valid for a period not to exceed 3 years and shall be renewed prior to the expiry date, by submitting an updated manual.

A Certificate of Authorization, and approval to proceed must be obtained before any work, repair, alteration or installation is performed on any boiler, refrigeration plant, pressure vessel or pressure piping system.

Submitting a QC Program

Inspection and Technical Services only accepts submissions of QC Programs electronically, rather than requiring hard copies sent to our office.

Manuals may be submitted to QASupport@gov.mb.ca

Please refer to bulletin ITS 20-003 – Electronic Submissions Guide for more information on required documentation and submission requirements available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

Please note that if any of the guidelines set out are not followed, the submission will not be accepted and will need to be re-sent in its entirety.