Repair and Alterations

Repair and Alterations

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) requires all Repairs and Alterations to pressure equipment be registered. ITS will review and assess the submission based on the relevant adopted codes listed within the Steam and Pressure Plants Regulation.

"Alteration" — a change in an item described in an original manufacturer’s data report that requires a change of design calculations or otherwise affects the pressure-containing capability of a boiler or pressure vessel. Non-physical changes such as an increase in the MAWP (internal and external) or design temperature of a boiler or pressure vessel are also considered alterations, as are reductions, e.g., in minimum temperature, such that additional mechanical tests are required.

"Repair" — work necessary to restore pressure equipment to a safe and satisfactory operating condition, provided that there is no deviation from the original design.

For all repairs or alterations, the methods employed shall maintain the factor of safety determined in accordance with the ASME Code section referenced when the unit was first manufactured.

Any organization or individual who intends to alter or repair pressure equipment must have a current and valid Certificate of Authorization that includes the appropriate scope of alteration and repair.

Repairs and alterations shall not be made to a pressure equipment (boiler, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, fired-heater pressure coil, fitting, etc.) without the prior agreement of ITS.  All repairs and alterations must be reported using the form ITS ES Form 01 - Repair & Alteration Report available on the Bulletins, Guides & Forms page.

Submissions can be sent to with the Subject Line – “Repair/Alteration – (Insert location address of the unit and MB Unit #)”