Elevators and Lift Devices

Inspection and Technical Services (ITS) oversees the safe installation and operation of elevating devices across the Province of Manitoba. ITS works closely with industry to reduce technical safety risks and maintain good working relationships. All new or altered elevating devices must be inspected before going into service. In-service inspections are then carried out periodically by ITS. In addition to inspecting and permitting passenger and freight elevators, the inspection program extends to escalators, dumbwaiter, hand-powered elevators, personnel hoists, ski lifts and handicap elevators. Although Inspection and Technical Service does not licence trades under the Elevator Act, the work of inspectors in the field both fosters and enforces high performance standards from elevator mechanics.

Amusement Rides

Under the Amusements Act , Inspection and Technical Services works with owners to help ensure safety on the Midway by enforcing design, construction, set-up and operation standards and codes of practice. Before putting their rides into operation each season, owners must ensure that Inspection and Technical Services makes an on-site inspection and that they comply with any orders issued as a result of the inspection. After the initial set-up inspection, inspectors conduct spot-checks throughout the season to ensure the continuing high standards of preventative maintenance, set-up, and operating procedures.

To book an amusement ride inspection please contact ITS at 204-945-3373 or email ITSEDintake@gov.mb.ca