Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)

Provincial BSE Programs

Manitoba participated in federal government BSE programs with $24 million in provincial funding. The province also made $26 million available to beef and ruminant producers through the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization (CAIS) Advance Program.

BSE Programs Previously Offered

More than $180 million in assistance has been available to Manitoba producers through a number of programs including:

  • Low Interest Loans: $100 million in low interest loans to help producers with cash flow challenges
  • Drought Assistance: $12 million to help producers with the added expense of shipping hay and straw
  • Slaughter Compensation Program: An additional $10 million in funding for producers faced with depressed slaughter prices
  • Agricultural Policy Framework (APF): The province committed $43 million to the income support portion of this federal/provincial program for producers

Previously Offered Programs included:

  • BSE Feeder Financing Initiative (MASC)
  • BSE Recovery Loan Program (MASC)
  • Canada-Manitoba BSE Recovery Program (CMBSERP)
  • Canada-Manitoba Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program
  • Canada-Manitoba Feeder Calf Set-Aside Program
  • Comprehensive Refinancing Program (MASC)
  • Manitoba BSE Feeder Assistance Program
  • Manitoba Cull Animal Program (MCAP) and Canada Cull Animal Program
  • Manitoba Drought Assistance Program (MDAP)
  • Manitoba Other Ruminant Industry Transitional Program
  • Manitoba Slaughter Deficiency Program (MSDP)


For more information, or if you suspect any animal health related concerns, please contact the Chief Veterinary Office or call 204-945-7663 in Winnipeg.