Agricultural Crown Land

The Manitoba Government encourages sustainable use of Crown land for multiple uses. Crown lands suitable for agricultural use may be leased for grazing, haying or annual cropping, depending on the authorized use and capability of the land.

Though a careful planning process, land use and watershed specialists determine how parcels of Crown land may be used, the intensity of use and how different parcels may be developed. Working together, they ensure that goals for water quality and quantity can be achieved within watershed boundaries.

MandateThe Agricultural Crown Land Program supports the sustainable expansion of the livestock herd in Manitoba, contributes to ecological goods and services, and provides mitigation and adaptation to climate change.  

Agricultural Crown Lands are administered under the Authority of The Crown Lands Act and the Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Regulation.


Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Auction Cancelled for 2024

Manitoba Agriculture has cancelled the 2024 Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Auction. With significant program changes over the past five years, Manitoba will be taking this time to help clients through new regulatory processes, review the effectiveness of the last five years of changes, and determine future program priorities. Manitoba continues to listen to Indigenous communities, stakeholders and leaseholders to improve the program and increase access for Indigenous, young and new farmers.

Casual permits will continue to be available for vacant properties through the regular application process in 2024.

Manitoba Agriculture's last Agricultural Crown Land Lease and Permit Auction took place February 6 - 10, 2023 online. Visit the Leasing Program Webpage for more information about the Agricultural Crown Land Leasing Program or contact your local Farm Production Extension Specialist (FPES) - Agricultural Crown Lands.

ACL Permits 

Agricultural Crown lands that are not currently under lease are available to be used on a temporary (1-year) basis.

Interested producers are required to contact a Farm Production Extension Specialist (FPES) - Agricultural Crown Lands to fill out an application. Where multiple applications are received prior to April 1st, the parcels are allocated by draw. Remaining parcels are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Producers are encouraged to be familiar with the parcel prior to filling out an application. Once submitted, the application is considered a binding commitment to accept the permit upon award.

To determine if parcels of land in your area are available for use, or for any other inquiries, contact your local Farm Production Extension Specialist (FPES) - Agricultural Crown Lands.

ACL Regulation Amendment

On January 1, 2024, an amendment to the Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Regulation, announced on July 31, 2023, came into force. The amended regulation:

  • Determine forage capacity at the outset of a forage lease or renewable permit (evaluating AUMs)
  • Expand eligibility to hold an agricultural Crown lands lease or permit to include Indigenous organizations
  • Extend terms of new leases (post October 2019) by five years to a maximum of 20 years where a forage management plan has been implemented and good land management has been demonstrated
  • Allow new leaseholders (post October 2019) to transfer the remainder of the lease term to another eligible party
  • Allow leaseholders of leases issued before October 2019 to nominate the next leaseholder, provided the lease is not selected through Treaty Land Entitlement
  • Value improvements at the end of a lease through a third party appraiser

Applications to nominate a legacy lease, extend terms and transfer new leases are now available. Interested lease holders should contact their ACL Farm Production Extension Specialist to obtain an application and to ask questions about the process. More information about new processes can be found in the Agricultural Crown Land Leases and Permits Regulation, in the ACL policies and the FAQ page.

Press Release January 2, 2024 - Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Regulation Amendments come into force January 1, 2024

ACL Temporary Rent Reduction

 In recognition of the hardships producers have faced in recent years, Manitoba is increasing the 2024 rent reduction from 33% to 55% for forage leases and renewable permits on Agricultural Crown Lands. This rent reduction will provide producers with over $2 million in support and will encourage producers to invest in long-term sustainability and productivity of their operations.

The department continues to review the ACL Program to set a sustainable and affordable path forward.


Resilient Agricultural Landscapes Program: Carbon Sequestration & Grasslands Resilience

The Manitoba government has now closed the 2024/2025 intake of applications for the Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program: Carbon Sequestration and Grassland Resilience. The program is offered through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP) that provides funding to support sustainable farming in Manitoba.

Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program: Carbon Sequestration and Grassland Resilience (RALP)  supports on-farm beneficial management practices and projects that enhance the provision of ecological goods and services, through two BMPs: Agroforestry and Grasslands & Grazing Management. The eligibility has been expanded, and eligible applicants now include primary producers across Manitoba, Association of Manitoba Community Pastures, Agricultural Crown Land forage lease holders, and Indigenous primary producers and communities, including First Nation and Mètis.

The intake for this program is now closed. Please ensure that your are checking back for information regarding program updates and future intake dates. For the most up-to-date information on upcoming programming, subscribe to the Growing Manitoba Ag newsletter (click here) and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) (@MBGovAg).



The Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program administers leases and permits and promotes improvement of agricultural Crown lands.

Manitoba Agriculture provides oversight of the provincial community pastures program, administered by the Association of Manitoba Community Pastures.

Manitoba Agriculture Farm Production Extension Specialists provide advice on farm production using agricultural Crown lands.

Agricultural Crown Lands Program Modernization

In 2019, Manitoba implemented measures to modernize the Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program. Amendments to the Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Regulation enabled the use of an auction to allocate agricultural Crown land leases and permits, and changed aspects of the leasing program to improve predictability, transparency and efficiency in program administration. Since then, the program has undergone a series of changes. Manitoba is focused on further reviewing the program in 2024, evaluating how these changes effected producers, and exploring future opportunities to ensure the program supports young and new farmers into the future.  

Temporary Suspension of Crown Land and Property Sales

The Manitoba Government has recently conducted an internal review of the Crown land and property sales process as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure value for money for all Manitobans.

As a result of this review, the Manitoba Government has temporarily suspended the acceptance of all applications for the purchase of Crown land or property.

Efforts are currently underway to modernize and improve the process to identify Crown land and property available for sale and to develop a fair and transparent way of communicating this information.

Applications previously received at the Real Estate Services Branch (formerly Crown Lands Property Agency) will continue to be processed.

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