Overall Responsibilities


A single ministry providing an integrated approach to developing agriculture and natural resources in a sustainable manner.


A Manitoba where people and landscapes thrive in a vibrant economy.


Guided by the foundation of our shared public service values. We value:

  • sustainable responsible resource management and development
  • the public's trust
  • the participation of Indigenous peoples in the management and development of resources
  • each other's expertise, experience and leadership
  • science and evidence-based decision-making
  • working together in partnership to find solutions to public policy challenges
  • innovation, growth and continuous improvement
  • open and transparent communication
  • a vibrant economy as an enabler of a healthy quality of life


To achieve its misson and vision, the department seeks to focus on the land and the clients in our respective industries. Our goals include, but are not limited to:

  • supporting investment, job creation and economic development in Manitoba
  • positioning Manitoba as the leading supplier of plant and animal-based protein and other agrifood products
  • enhancing management of crown lands
  • managing natural resource sustainably and rehabilitating land affected by resource development
  • protecting ecosystems, improving local environment health and watershed health coordination
  • protecting human health, property, plants, animals and landscapes
  • developing programs and products to manage risks, particularly those resulted from extreme events
  • reaching the potential of our provincial resources for the benefit of all Manitobans

Areas of Focus:

  • Agriculture and agriprocessing: Create the environment that accelerates economic development in the agriculture, agrifood and agriproduct value chain.
  • Natural resource development: Create the environment that accelerates sustainable economic development in Manitoba's natural resources, including water, lands, wildlife, fishery, forestry, oil, gas, mineral, and aggregate.
  • Health and wellness of people and landscapes: Create the environment for achieving optimal health for people, animals and the environment through collaborative efforts that advance public and industry interests.
  • High performance public service: Lead policy, program and service development and delivery that foster an environment for competitiveness, adaptability and sustainability of Manitoba’s agriculture and natural resource sectors. Provide assurances that financial and administrative management practices are functioning to support departmental programming and risk management towards an efficient and effective government.



Agriculture offers programming to enable sustainable growth of Manitoba’s agriculture, processing and resource based industries. Please see the links below for program information.

Product Commercialization

Agriculture offers services to support your product commercialization needs. Please see the links below for information on product commercialization.

Investment Attraction

Manitoba is open for business. ARD offers concierge services to companies looking to undertake new development projects in agriculture, processing and resource industries. We offer government expertise for companies undertaking new developments. Please see the link below for further information.

Licences and Permits

Agriculture offers easy access to licence and permit applications. ARD staff are available to assist you with navigating requirements. Licensing forms are available at all ARD offices as well as online. Please see the links below to access information on ARD licences.

Please contact us by phone at 1-844-769-6224 or by email at Agriculture@gov.mb.ca with any questions about how to access our services.