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This is your gateway for information, training opportunities and resources on organization development, leadership and board governance for organizations involved in agriculture and resource industries.


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What's New

Temporary Suspension of Corporate

Meeting Provisions

As we move into spring, organizations are considering how to proceed with board meetings and annual meetings during COVID-19.  The social distancing requirements make it difficult to hold in person meetings and even in some cases to find a facility.

Under the Emergency Measures Act, the Government of Manitoba has issued two Temporary Suspension of Corporate Meeting Provisions that would apply to a condominium corporation under The Condominium Act;  a cooperative under The Cooperatives Act;  a corporation under The Corporations Act; and  a credit union under The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act

THE EMERGENCY MEASURES ACT (C.C.S. M. c E80) Order re Temporary Suspension of Corporate Meeting Provisions (2), renewal from October 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022.

This suspension allows these corporations to hold board and annual meetings by means of telephone, electronic or other communication facilities, even if such means are not permitted or are specifically excluded by the incorporated body’s bylaws. The order goes in to more detail about meeting notices and verification of voting.

New - Job Profiles

Did you know that there are over 39,000 jobs in the Manitoba agriculture and agri-food industry?  Check out these job profiles for more information.

Hosting Engaging Virtual Meetings

Preparing your organization for success - Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development hosted a  virtual seminar to assist organizations in building their capacity to host and facilitate engaging virtual events and meetings. Seminar topics include:

  • Virtual meeting best practices to design positive experiences
  • Discussing benefits of virtual and hybrid meetings
  • Leading engaging meetings to create conversation, facilitate discussion, get input, and make decisions
  • Incorporating online icebreakers and energizers
  • Exploring various online platforms, tools and resources

 Check out the recording here.

Skills for Leadership

Preparing your organization for success.  Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development hosted two seminars to assist agriculture and resource development organizations to build their internal leadership capacity. Developing leadership skills supports organizations to achieve their goals.

Check out the recordings for Steps to Make Good Leaders Great and Leading Others HERE.

Alexander Cherban Agriculture Industry Development Program

The Alexander Cherban Agriculture Industry Development Program - (ACAIDP) supports projects that strengthen leadership within the agriculture sector focussing on innovation and activities that encourage public trust and agriculture industry advancement.

ACAIDP will provide up to $50,000 per year for projects from Manitoba non-profit organizations, governments or academic institutions for innovative province-wide initiatives that

  • increase public awareness about the importance of agriculture to the economy
  • build public trust for agriculture and agri-processing
  • support agriculture skills development and promotion of agriculture and food-related career opportunities

Manitoba 4-H Council Inc.,  manages and administers the ACAIDP program on behalf of the province.  Application forms are available on the M4HC website . The first intake deadline is February 28, 2021.

New Resources

Code of Conduct Policy Template (DOC 20 KB)

Chairperson Self Evaluation (PDF 365 KB)

Board Member Self Evaluation (PDF 365 KB)

Consent Agenda Policy Template (DOC 29.3 KB)

Constitution and Bylaw Template (PDF 604 KB)

Fundraising and the Board 

Does your organization talk about exciting topics like FUND DEVELOPMENT?  Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development has hosted a virtual seminar.  Experts share current statistics and trends in the Canadian fund development sector; best practices and insights into traditional and virtual fundraising strategies; and innovative concepts to consider related to donor stewardship, data management, and responsible fund development planning post COVID- 19.  Check out the recording here..

LeadershipTalk Webinar Series

Manitoba Agriculture Industry Leadership staff provide free webinars on building the organizational capacity within the agriculture sector which results in high performing organizations. Recorded webinars can be found here.



the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the important work of agriculture organizations.  To continue to support the organizational efforts of Manitoba's agriculture organizations, Industry Leadership staff have compiled the following list of resources to guide operational decisions during this difficult time.  For more information, please contact .

Leading an Organization Through the COVID-19 Crisis  BoardSource

The Board's Role in Addressing the COVID-19 Situation  BoardSource

How Non-Profit Board Members Can Respond to COVID-19  BoardSource

Non-Profit Boards and COVID-19 - Volunteer Canada

What it Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting 

Harvard Business Review

12 Tips for Making Your Virtual Meetings More Professional


Annual General Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic Volunteer Canada

So You Want to Have a Virtual Annual General Meeting?

WEBINAR Planning and Facilitating Virtual Meetings and AGMs   Volunteer Manitoba

WEBINAR  HR Pandemic Essentials Volunteer Manitoba

15 Questions About Remote Work Answered 

Harvard Business Review


NEW Ag Action Manitoba for Industry Organizations can be found here.

NEW Ag Action Manitoba for Researchers and Industry Service Providers can be found here.

Manitoba's agricultural industry organizations will benefit from the new federal-provincial funding framework.

Manitoba Beekeeper's Association Prepares for the Future With Financial Support From Ag Action Manitoba


Youth and Board Governance: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Risk Management: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Resolving Conflict: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Respectful Meetings: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness 

Meeting Minutes: Build Your Organization's Effectivenes

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