Manitoba Local Food

Banner with a picure of assorted fresh produce like kale, strawberries, and rhubarb as well as two people shopping in a store. 
You can strengthen Manitoba's local food economy by buying food that is grown and processed here.

Manitoba farmers grow and raise some of the highest quality and diverse foods. Despite the shorter growing season in Manitoba, food that is processed here is available all year round at retail outlets – so there is never a time when you can’t find local food! Eating seasonally is also known to play an important part in consuming a more complete, nutritious diet.

Buying local food directly supports the economic sustainability of Manitoba communities. When you support local, small businesses thrive and your hard-earned dollars stay in the community. This can help to create healthier food environments, more jobs and strengthen the overall local food system. This is more important than ever, for people, non-human life, and the planet.

Manitoba farmers are held to high environmental sustainability standards. Since 2004, many producers have utilized voluntary assessment tools, like the Environmental Farm Plan, to identify environmental assets and risks, develop an action plan to help mitigate those risks, meet sustainable marketing requirements and access cost-share programming. Buying local also reduces the environmental cost of transporting goods.

There are many ways for you to interact with local producers, learn about where our food comes from and of course, enjoy delicious, Manitoba-grown food. Explore these pages to learn more.


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