Premises Identification

Premises identification is an essential part of a traceability system. 

In Manitoba, it links livestock and poultry to geographic locations for better management of emergencies. 
Under the Animal Premises Identification Regulation, all owners and operators of premises with livestock and poultry must complete a premises identification application

About Premises Identification

Manitoba's premises identification system maps out parcels of land where livestock and poultry are grown, kept, assembled or disposed of. All owners and operators of premises with livestock and poultry must supply basic land information by completing an application.
This information is then entered into a confidential database and a unique national Premises Identification Number is assigned to the contact. In a crisis, such as a disease outbreak or natural emergency, officials can use the Premises Identification database to quickly identify individuals who may be affected.
Manitoba is working with federal, provincial and industry partners to achieve this critical step towards a traceability system.

Benefits of Premises Identification

There are many benefits to owners and operators of premises with livestock and poultry who have a national Premises Identification Number, which includes: 
  • Allow for rapid notification of livestock and poultry stakeholders
  • Help prepare for animal health and food safety emergencies (ex: disease or flood)
  • Help track animals in an emergency
  • Reduce the impact of an emergency
  • Maintain or provide greater market access  

Apply to the Premises Identification Program

There is no cost to participate in this program. Your participation will assist the industry in the planning and management of animal health and food safety emergencies.

 Applications can only be received by email or by
completion of the online form at this time

apply here 

Additional Information


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