Manitoba farmers are at the forefront of many new practices that ensure the safety of our food supply. These practices make good business sense because they minimize risk and increase market potential.

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development can help you move toward a complete on-farm food safety program. 

A good business decision

Today more export customers and retailers want to buy only from food producers who can demonstrate that on-farm hazards have been controlled. An on-farm food safety program can open the door to markets that might otherwise be closed. Producers say it's also a rewarding investment in peace of mind.

Three basics of on-farm food safety

Read more about how you can address each of these priorities on your farm:

Food safety programs

Major Canadian commodity groups are encouraging their members to adopt on-farm food safety practices. By participating in these programs, you can demonstrate that you are adhering to recognized standards for record-keeping and biosecurity. See the recommended programs for your commodity.


For more information email the Food Safety and Inspection Branch or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.