As of April 1, 2014 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is no longer involved with managing rabies cases in Manitoba. The provincial Rabies Management Program is now coordinated by Manitoba Rabies Central, which is a collaborative effort involving the Manitoba departments of Health and Seniors Care, Agriculture and Resource Development, and Conservation and Climate.

Rabies is a reportable disease under the Health of Animals Act, The Public Health Act and The Animal Diseases Act. All suspect cases in animals and humans must be reported. Surveillance data (the number of samples submitted, number of positive cases and location in the province) is then reported. The Rabies Dashboard is an interactive web page that displays all of the surveillance data the province has acquired since 2014. It allows for quick navigation of results by year, species and region, and is updated quarterly.

Rabies is a virus that causes acute inflammation of the brain. It is a zoonotic disease that primarily occurs in animals but can be transmitted to humans. Rabies is transmitted through a cut, scratch or bite from an infected animal or by mucosal contamination with infectious material, usually saliva. The disease attacks the central nervous system and, if left untreated, is always fatal.

In Manitoba, rabies is primarily found in skunks, although any mammal can be infected. Birds, reptiles and amphibians are not susceptible to rabies.

The time between exposure to the virus and onset of symptoms can range from about a week to several months.

Symptoms may include:
  • fever
  • pain
  • tingling, pricking or burning sensation at the wound site
  • hyperactivity
  • excited behaviour
  • frothing at the mouth
  • attack objects or other animals
  • muscle paralysis
  • respiratory distress
  • coma
  • death*

*Do not handle dead animals without using gloves.

What to do if you Suspect Rabies

Rabies is a reportable disease in Manitoba, so producers should contact their veterinarian immediately if animals are showing any signs of illness or have been exposed to a potentially rabid animal.
  • To report human exposure to an animal suspected of having rabies, or for general information, please contact Health Links - Info Santé in Winnipeg at 204-788-8200 or toll free at 1-888-315-9257. 
  • To report domestic animal exposure to an animal suspected of having rabies (no human exposure), please contact the Manitoba Rabies Line at 204-470-1108. 
  • To report any strange-acting or dead animals on your property, please contact your local Manitoba Conservation Officer or animal control office.

Additional Resources


For more information, or if you suspect any animal health related concerns, please contact the Manitoba Rabies Line at 204-470-1108 in Winnipeg.