Current Crop Topics

The latest information on crop management and agronomy issues in field and horticultural crops in Manitoba, including information in regards to environmental impacts and the agronomy tools to manage. 

Summer 2021

Flax Straw Management 

Lawn Grasses Drought Strategy

 Soybean Cyst Nematode Manitoba Distribution Map - July 2021

 Raspberry Drought and Heat Stress Symptoms

 Renovation of Strawberries after Harvest: Considerations in Extreme Hot Weather

 Spotted Wing Drosophila Update July 20, 2021

 Spotted Wing Drosophila Update July 6, 2021

Spring 2021


September 2020

Warm Soil Temperatures Increase the Need for Inhibited Nitrogen Products

Fall Fertilization Options for Winter Wheat and Fall Rye (PDF 534KB)

What is the Fertility Value of that Straw? (PDF 19KB

Too Soon to Soil Sample (PDF 19KB)

What About N Credits From Peas? (PDF 16KB)

Yellowing of Lower Corn Leaves (PDF 461KB)

August 2020

Water Parsnip or Water Hemlock - Pictures to Help Diagnose (PDF 555 KB)

June 2020

Nitrogen Split Application in Grain Corn Timing for In-Crop Application (PDF 678 KB)

Nitrogen Split Application in Wheat for Yield and Protein (PDF 267 KB)

Conventional Sunflower Weed Control Options (PDF 480 KB)

Optimum Cereal Plant Stands (PDF 439 KB)

May 2020

Yield and Late Planting of Spring Cereals (PDF 615 KB)

Fluency Agent Mandatory Seed Lubricant in Corn and Soybean (PDF 200 KB)

Corn - Planting into Cool Soils? What are the Risks? (PDF 496KB)

Manitoba Berry Farm COVID-19 Guidelines for Customers, Employees and Growers

Assessing Crop Stands When Fertilizer Applied at Seeding  (PDF 706 KB)

April 2020

Seeding Rates for Spring Cereals - 2020 update (PDF 578 KB)

Spring Nitrogen Options for 2020 (PDF 265 KB)

Hybrid Rye Fertilization Rates (PDF 322 KB) 

Assessing Winter Wheat Stands for Survival (PDF 530KB)

Seeding in Less Than Optimal Conditions (PDF 420KB)

Fertilizer Application Considerations after an Unusually Wet Fall: Challenges & Opportunities (PDF 690KB)

Losing the Weed Battle Could Mean Losing the Farm! (PDF 5MB) - Ag Days 2020 slides

A Step Back for New Problems: Tools for Resistant Weeds (PDF 7MB) - Ag Days 2020 slides

Grasshoppers, cutworms and flea beetles: Forecasting for 2020, monitoring and management strategies

2020 View of Fertilizer Guidelines for Manitoba (PDF 2 MB)

Fertility Values of Unharvested 2019 Crops (PDF 523 KB)


Crop Management and Production Economics:

Weekly Reports on Crops and Pests and Growing Season Information

Manitoba Crop Report information

Manitoba Crop Weather Report Information

Crop Weather Conditions and Reports, including seasonal summaries to date for Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Pest Updates

Crop Talk - webinar series

Disease Risk Maps and Economic Calculators:


General Agronomy Articles for Current Crop Conditions 

October 2019

Nitrogen Fertilization Considerations in Unusually Wet Fall: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF 598 KB)

Fall 2019 Fertilizer Spreading Deadlines (PDF 531 KB)


September 2019

Soybean Cyst Nematode Notification (PDF 166 KB)

Soybean Cyst Nematode Manitoba Distribution Map (PDF 1058 KB)

Clubroot Pathotype 3A Notification (PDF 230 KB)


 July 2019  


August 2019

Interpreting a Clubroot Soil Test Result (PDF 46 KB)

Clubroot Soil Sampling on the Prairies (PDF 254 KB)

2019 Waterhemp Distribution in Manitoba (PDF 1191 KB)

Tall Waterhemp Notification - August 1, 2019 (PDF 812 KB)


June 2019

Assessing Late Spring Frost Crop Damage (PDF 650 KB) includes June 12, 2019 map of areas affected

Weed Control Advice for Dry Conditions (PDF 116 KB)


May 2019

Effect of Spring Frost on Emerging Crops (PDF 709 KB)

Volatilization Risks from Surface Applied Urea (PDF 205 KB)

Injury Symptoms from Seed-Placed Fertilizer (PDF 960 KB)

Safe Seed-Placed Fertilizer Rates for Canola in a Dry Spring (PDF 480 KB)

Pre-Plant Banded Nitrogen Rates for Corn - Too Hot too Handle (PDF 300 KB)

Impact of In-Season Sprayer Tracks on Corn Yields (PDF 600 KB)