Volunteer Flax

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This weed is an annual, reproducing by seeds. The stems are erect and capable of tillering. The leaves are long, narrow, linear-lanceolate, and sessile. The first few leaves are opposite and later become alternate. The flowers are symmetrical, blue, and occur at the ends of stems and tillers. The seeds are small, shiny brown, tapered at one end and rounded at the other, approximately 5 mm long x 2.5 mm wide, and borne in a round capsule called a boll. Seeds are short lived in the soil, surviving only 1-3 years.

Scouting Techniques

Take a minimum of 20 weed counts across the field. Scout dry areas for patches of this weed.

Effects On Crop Quality

This weed is not a serious competitor.

Threshold/Yield Loss

Tough stems may cause difficulties when harvesting cereal crops.

Control Tips

  • crop competition
  • Group 2 (Refine extra)
  • Group 4 (Attain, Accord, Estaprop)
  • Groups 22 & 9 pre-seeding