Goat Marketing

Currently there are opportunities to market meat goats within the province due to the considerable increase in ethnic consumers in the province. Meat retailers want a regular supply of carcasses to cater to this growing market. Shipping of live goats East (Ontario) as well as direct farm gate sales are still the larger markets for the MB goat industry. There is no federally inspected slaughter house in Manitoba that currently slaughter goats, however, several provincially inspected abattoirs are continuing to provide services to the goat producers.

The prices for all the types of goats (Kids, Billies and Nannies) are stable and reflect the consistent demand. Market kids or billies with good finish typically receive the highest bid in the market. Although there is demand for all the types of goats the market prefers carcass weights between 30-45lbs. Normally, an 85-95lbs live billy goat kid will dress (hot carcass) between 37-42% of live weight. In some markets heavy carcasses are also in demand. Good nannies or does from healthy herds are always in demand for breeding stock.